Our Mission & Vision

What’s the big idea?
It has been said that “necessity is the mother of invention.” One must ask, what is the greatest necessity of man? Simply put, it is to have a relationship with God. This conviction sits at the very core of Rooftop Missions.
Creativity and ingenuity for the sake of the gospel is why we exist. And with the complicated web of government relations and economies, we need a strategic plan implemented by a passionate team to reach those who are most thirsty for spiritual hope. We consider the most spiritually needy to be people living in countries which, for the most part, have restricted access to the gospel.
Why the name “Rooftop Missions”?
In Mark chapter two (the theme text for our ministry), we find a man completely crippled and in utter despair. For years, he wondered if his condition would ever change or if anyone cared enough to help. Then one day, a rumor spread around town of a man who could work miracles. His name was Jesus, and he was about to make an appearance in the city where this cripple man lived. With desperation, the crippled man prayed that someone would take him to see this miracle-worker. Then, right in front of him, four friends arrived with a stretcher. They laid the man on the stretcher, each grabbed a corner, and they took him to meet the one who would change his life forever.
Now, Jesus drew quite a crowd everywhere He went, and this instance was no different. Thousands of ailing people showed up from all walks of life, which created a problem for the men. They were unable to bring their cripple friend through the doorway to see Jesus. They could have given up hope, but they didn’t. These men decided to climb up the side of the house onto the rooftop, break the clay roof wide open, and lower the sick man down to Jesus. Our Lord and Savior healed him completely, sending the no-longer-crippled man out the door and on his way to a new life of purpose. 

This story illustrates perfectly what we call “rooftop missions.” It serves as the theme for our ministry as we endeavor to find the “crippled” ones – those who are living without hope, those who have no one to introduce them to the One Who is the Giver and Creator of hope – and restore them to a life of joy and purpose. Rooftop Missions specifically targets areas where the “door” may seem closed or obstructed according to traditional methods; and, instead of retreating, we adapt and move forward “through the roof.”

Rooftop Missions’ goal then is to recruit called key believers and provide specialized training so they can be effective spiritual leaders. In short, it is to open closed countries with the Gospel. Taking the imagery from Mark chapter two, the process, if you will, is to move people from the stretcher, through the roof into the house, and back out the door changed. Our intention is to use these select points from the story to create memorable imagery to help better understand and remember our process from start to finish. 
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